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last update : 01 february 2005

added the lastest releases : Chain [Re] Action (http://www.blossomingnoise.com), Pôle Nord (http://taalem.free.fr), Shade-Away (& Shade-Away GR Box) and Millennium Box (http://www.amplexus.it).



part one : solo/split/collaboration works using the name AUBE


part two : collaboration works not using the name AUBE



disclaimer :

i know this page is not very "sexy" yet. i hope i can make it evolve, with separate pages for each release but that's a big work !

i've compiled this from some discographies i've found (the old http://www.halcyon.com/tntmusic/aube.htm which is sadly offline now, a more recent but still outdated at http://zeni.free.fr/musique/aube.htm and an up-to-date but japanese one at http://urawa.cool.ne.jp/karashimentai/aube1991-1995.htm).

many thanks to Takayuki Ii, Marc Beyens, David Applegate, John Mitchell, Jacob for the info & corrections and to Akifumi Nakajima of course !




i am not akifumi nakajima/aube ! if you want to get in touch with him, send your mail to gross at pop11.odn.ne.jp


finally, if you have some more info about any release, if there's a missing release you are aware of, please mail me :
taalem at club-internet.fr